About us

Rapol DOO

Rapol company was founded in 2000 in the town of Cacak. Rapol company is engaged in manufacturing metal fittings for metal doors and windows (all sorts of hinges, rollers for sliding gates, sliding door beams, etc.), which is the main activity of the company.

Production is the initial branch of our company’s development, and during the 13 years of our existence in the market, we have been producing about 150 items for resale or for a specific customer.

The company also provides the services of serial metal shaping and whitesmithing based on a sample or a drawing. Our machinery includes: CNC lathe- 9 pieces, a PA30 universal lathe, a CNC milling machine, a universal milling machine, automatic lathes- 4 pieces, finishing lathes -3 pieces, Excentar presses-3 pieces, hydraulic presses, machinery for threading -2 pieces and a great deal of additional tools.. We possess a production hall covering the area of 460 m2. The company has its own delivery vehicle which enables as to transport the goods to the whole territory of Serbia and Europe, and for smaller orders, delivery of goods is done by BEX or DHL courier service.

Our retail department has been started due to the need of our company to present its product to the Serbian market, and it offers the entire set of bolt hardware, metal fittings, tools, etc. for all types of enterprises.
Our retail department has a range of about 8,000 different items which could be used in various fields. That’s why we are the leader in our community, as evidenced by a large number of customers. At the moment, the company is cooperating successfully with over 1,600 companies and businesses from all over Serbia.

With our wholesale distribution, we have completed our offer to the lager clients through import, export and trade with Serbian companies.